Master COVID Protocols

First review the best practice in your industry to mitigate COVID-19, then try to reproduce it.



Review the protocol

Review the protocol

At home, in just a few minutes, workers review the COVID-19 protocols they must apply during their shift.

Review the protocol

Master The Protocol

Then, they must be able to reproduce the sequence and make the right decisions when random events occur.

Go to WORK

Go to WORK

Only if they reach the right score, they can go to work. Daily and weekly reports help assess how much safe is a team.

Improve the protocol

Improve the protocol

This premium feature allows to customize the protocol based on the workers’ performance and suggestions.

Industries currently covered: groceries and supermarkets / food services

We are continuously releasing new best practices, prioritizing the industries that are ending their quarantine.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to see your industry prioritized.

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All companies need to set-up COVID protocols and ensure that their workers will really understand and apply them.

At the same time, we all know that sending a memo with the new protocol to apply is not enough, and there is no such boring thing than training on a new protocol.

It is why we have created a Video Game to solve this critical issue.

It works, first, because the experience is interactive, and the worker can review the procedure at its own pace. Then, gamification is used to ensure mastery. In fact, cognitive research suggests that the multi sensorial experience of video games is amongst the most effective ways to assimilate procedural knowledge.

This means that playing this video game daily for few minute will transform a protocol sequence into a habit in less than a month.

And we tried to make the overall experience as smooth as possible. We bet that the time of passive training related to safety issues is over. And for the best.

Spread your best practice into your industry!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to see the best practice you follow integrated into our solution and be recognized as a leading actor to mitigate this pandemic in your industry.

If a best practice is already documented, it usually takes a few days to have it released.

We return your message within one business day.